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01 May 2019 @ 08:33 am
My dear friends, I just want to remind you all that most of the posts where I write about my personal life are friends only, which means only you're able to see them here. Since now I talk with some of you through other sites, I want to clarify that I'd rather have what I write in my journal stay in my journal. We can talk about it in other private spaces, but not publicly and of course not with third people. I want to ask for respect to my privacy.

I know I'm a just a person and there's nothing special with my life, I'm aware of that. But if you have been here long enough, you should also know that privacy is an important matter to me. I don't want to end up having the need of cutting ties with anyone, but I don't like drama, gossip or quarrels. This is my free space to write down what I can't talk about so easily in other settings of my life, I don't wish for it to become a burden in any way. I did leave the site for an entire year a long ago, I'd prefer to stay here like I have since I came back, still sharing my stories with others and not just keeping them to myself. But if I need to reach that point again for the sake of my own mental and emotional health, I will.

Thank you all for your understanding.