7 Day Countdown!

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas! :D 2020 is just around the corner and I wanted to do something special since 2019 is a year that came with a lot of changes for me. I have been living all kind of experiences, both good and bad and I just know there's a lot of work I need to do if I really want to improve my life.

I came across this little challenge and decided to share it here in case someone else would like to do it. During the next 7 days I'll be writing down all these things in a notebook, you're supposed to keep them somewhere so you can see your progress during the year but it's entirely up to you!

If you have troubles knowing what to write for each day you can try answering these questions:

Day 1: What experiences did I go through that will be useful for my future?
Day 2: What things or situations made things easier for me or motivated me?
Day 3: What ideas and beliefs didn't bring me positive results?
Day 4: What new ideas and beliefs would benefit my life?
Day 5: What would be my ideal emotional state and what things do I need do to get there?
Day 6: What situations caused me pain that I need to say goodbye to?
Day 7: What do I want to accomplish?

I hope you guys give it a try! Happy New Year 2020!

December 18

Thank God tomorrow is our last day of classes! Really having the craziest of weeks trying to control 28 kids inside a classroom. I still love them though! Being a teacher is such a ride.

December 1

This is how I started my only Saturday free from classes in months. Finally, after 6 long years, we have a new president. At this point, even though I will remain strong with my convictions as I always have, I won't be blindly passionated and state we will definitely be in a better situation. But I must be honest, and accept it's been beyond tiring and frustrating to loathe my country's government, to feel ashamed of the person representing us internationally, to the point I no longer celebrated our Independence Day or watched national news because seeing his mere face disgusted me. I'm not exaggerating: I truly despise our now ex-president with all of my soul.

It comes as fresh air to finally feel my country's president is not a man laughing in my face, instead, he is someone who is acknowledging all the things that need to be fixed and that keeps reassuring us that he will keep his word about what he has promised. He owed no explanation to anyone after being elected but he kept updating his social media answering the rumors and accusations of his detractors. People are already saying he's sending us to doom, demanding justice and better living conditions, all while he's been president for only a few hours. I never heard a group of people shouting a chorus at a official reunion with the ex-president, and yet today it happened during the protesting, and do you know what our now president did? He remained silent. He was in the middle of his speech and he stopped to hear them raising their voice. And when he started talking again, he answered their plead, saying he'll do his best to solve what the last government did wrong.

Call me crazy, but for me this all is already way too much more than what we received during the last 6 years.

I'm not saying this all means president López Obrador will do everything he said he would do. We have yet to see, it's our duty to question and doubt. But whatever happens, I at least feel I finally have the chance to believe things can go right again.

[And so far, I even feel proud.]

Autumn Icons 2018

Hello everyone! It's been 3 years since I last offered autumn pixel icons :O I missed making them so much! I hope you like these ones :D

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No. of icons:

The offer is unlimited! :) Happy requesting!

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365 everyday planner

The gift I bought for myself is finally here! Since I want my 24th year of life to be a special one I decided to find a practical way to write down my memories. I really loved the design of this notebook, which contains decorated pages and is also big, almost the size of the average B4.

Click below for more pictures of the inside :)

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As you can guess, I'm totally in love with this planner! My favorite parts are the daily pages and the fact that it's so big. The quality of the paper is very good, too, and it includes a page marker. I just wish there were more weekly layouts but I find the 21 day project pages very interesting to try a new way of planning. I'm still using my binder for specific tasks, but I feel like this planner is not only a very practical diary but also will be useful to keep track of some stuff in a better way.

What do you think? :)


DIY Binder Planner

I have been into planners and stationery for a long time. A few years ago I found out about binder planners but decided it couldn't possibly be my thing since it was way too expensive to even buy a cover, not to say all the decorations and paper. However, I recently started coming across some cheaper options, and... then I realized the price was not the main problem, I'm simply not willing to spend money on anything that is not entirely a necessity, my mind keeps saying "Don't do it! What's the point of planning if you don't even save!". That could pretty much be what my dad would say to me, too, so with all of those thoughts inside my head, I came to the conclusion that I wouldn't get a binder planner any time soon... unless I made one.

Now I have a pretty binder planner without having spent a single peso!

[The making process...]So, how did I make this? Well I recycled a very old binder that I got around 2003-2004, I never used it much since it was such a special thing, back then these were a lot easier to find where I live but anymore. It had this cute puppy on the cover.

This one here is about an A5 size, like the average binder planners. A4 size is a lot more common for binders but might not be as practical, though if you like it despite it being bigger you can use it the exact same way.

For the front cover, I used one of the sheets that come with my scrapbook kit, the only one I have which my sister bought for me a few weeks ago. I was so happy because, once again, it's not something that we usually find in our local stores.

Some other materials I used were this double sided masking tape I had bought for a school project, scissors, a normal tape and a cutter (for the inner paper).

First of all, I used the double sided masking tape to paste the paper on the cover.

On the side, I used another pattern and also pasted it with the tape.

I used the same pattern for the inside.

For the back I used these stickers for decoration and a normal red paper sheet (I didn't want to use any more scrapbook papers :P).

This is how it looks.

And that's pretty much all I did! I also put some plastic my sister had at home from one of her class projects. It will help protect the covers. As you can see, all the stuff I used were either things I have had for a long time or things that I got from/thanks to my sister.

This is how it looks when you open it, the binder originally came with three dividers so I all did was to decorate them with the same stickers.

The most interesting part of a binder planner is all the options you have for the inner papers. I decided to print some very useful designs I found, which are actually the reason why I felt the need of having a binder planner: I believe they will help me a lot to be more organized.

Cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking: my everyday activities that I need to carefully plan or else I won't have time for anything. These designs are just great for that.

And there will be a section just for myself, for example, I found this interesting challenge that can help you create a new positive habit or delete a negative one. I really want to try it!

And that's it! I will keep looking for more interesting and useful printables, though I don't plan to print many at once so we don't run out of ink (which, by the way, was also bought by -you guessed it! :P- my sister). I'm hoping having this planner works for me, I wanted it to be as practical as possible and add all the stuff I need to be organized at.

Being all honest, deep inside I know I'll end up buying a binder sooner or later, just because I have months looking at all the options there are and I actually already have my eyes in a certain deal I feel like I shouldn't miss. However, in the meantime this will do and it'll help me find out if binder planners are really for me or not.

Printable resources: Printable Crush, byDawnNicole & DIYHSH.


Oscars 2018

The Shape of Water by Guillermo del Toro: Best Picture, Best Director, Best Original Music Score and Best Production Design.

So incredibly proud for "mi Totoro", I have been a fan of his movies thanks to my sisters for years, always proud of what he has become, for his accomplishments and for being so proud of being Mexican, just as me and all my paisanos. Today the Oscars brought to Mexico and Latin America a big joy, not only for having Guillermo sharing a great success with all of the world, but for all the other mexicans who took part of the event: Gael García Bernal, Natalia Lafourcade and Eugenio Derbez. (Edit: Forgot to mention Eiza González! My bad). All mexicans who had a dream and made it happen, while working to get a place in a very hard field for anyone who isn't part of the standards.

Coco: Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Song.

And this film. Not made by mexicans but inspired by one of the most wonderful and my personal favorite holiday: el Día de Muertos. Through their movie they showed to everyone who saw it a bit of our culture, and that's something I'm thankful for. Also my little nephew's big love: if you ask him, he'll say his name is Miguel, and yes, of course, absolutely, he has the guitar! I even have a video of him singing Remember Me in front of all his aunties and mom tearing up.

So, as you may guess, this all means a lot to us. From having enjoyed a film made by a mexican and a film inspired by mexicans, to think about how special it is to see people from your country in an international event, speaking your own language, celebrating the way you celebrate, while receiving the recognition they deserve. I can't do but say... Wow. This truly was a fantastic day. If I was just a little closer to CDMX I wouldn't be writing this but celebrating at El Ángel de la Independencia with my compatriotas.

I have always always been proud of where I was born, but today I'm having one of those moments when I can't keep it inside any longer. None of these are my accomplishments, I know that, but these people show me and all of us that you can do it, that you can reach the sky if you put your mind to it, that you can have a voice in a world that tries so damn hard to shut you up, to pretend you don't exist. They're not only using their own voice to shout ¡Viva Mexico!, they are giving us one and to the people they portray in their movies: the minorities, the oppressed, all those who need to work hard everyday for others to remember they are human too.

But time's up. And these, here, are just some examples of what I hope is yet to come.

Enhorabuena, Memo, eres grande y siempre lo has sido, pero por fin todos en el mundo se están dando cuenta. Y a los creadores de Coco, millones de felicitaciones y un agradecimiento infinito por permitirnos a los mexicanos compartir un poco de nuestra cultura con el mundo. "Los tontos construyen muros, los inteligentes construyen puentes". Y hoy, ustedes han sido sabios.

¡Que todos se enteren que México está de fiesta!