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07 January 2015 @ 09:03 pm
What's on my iPad mini? ~ Games (6)  

Games in my wish list

Broken Age $9.99

This is a game I'm really interested in because I've seen it in the best games of iOS lists a lot of times, but I honestly find it very expensive. Unless it gets a discount I don't think I'll buy it.

Lifeline 2 $2.99

This is another game by the developers of "Lifeline" (All-time favorite games) and I'd also love to play it, even though as far as I know it follows a totally different story line.

Lifeline: Silent Night $2.99

This is apparently the sequel of "Lifeline" (All-time favorite games). I'll definitely buy it soon.

Forever Lost: Episode 1 $3.99

Forever Lost is a series of games I've been meaning to try and I'd like to buy the first episode to know if it's worth it to buy all of them. I've read very good reviews of it.

Contradiction $4.99

I found out about this game thanks to "Her Story" (All-time favorite games) since they say they seem to have similar playing modes. I'll probably buy it later or hopefully it'll have a discount at some point.

Home - A Unique Horror Adventure $2.99

This is a game I really want to try out but I'm hoping for it to have a discount soon or maybe when Halloween is closer again. I haven't read much about it because I don't want to come across spoilers.

Viva Sancho Villa $1.99

I'm not sure of wanting this game really bad because the playing mode I've read it has isn't exactly what I enjoy in a game but I like the colors and also that it's inspired in Mexican culture.

Shadowgate $2.99

This is another game that really interests me because of the pictures I've seen of it, and also for the dark art. I've read it's a remastered version of an old game and very good reviews of it, too.

The Beggar's Ride $3.99

I've read very good comments about this game and it seems to have many features, levels and good a fun playing mode.

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons $4.99

This game really caught my attention when I first saw it in the store because of its playing mode and the story, but not as much as to pay its full price. As all the other games in my wish list, I've been waiting for it to have a discount.

Any comments or suggestions you have? Leave them down below!