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08 January 2015 @ 02:26 am
What's on my iPad mini? ~ Apps (3)  


Spotify Free

My rating: - Spotify is simply an amazing app. The only thing I could say that I don't like about it is not having a premium account. Other than that: it's perfect. It's the only app I use to listen to music in my iPad and it pretty much has everything I want, maybe just a few exceptions.

Viki Free

My rating: - As fan of Korean dramas, Viki is an essential for me. It has almost every drama I want to watch and I'm really happy to see they're constantly updating the app and making it better. As Spotify, I also wish I had a premium account.

Manga Rock Free

My rating: - Manga Rock is the perfect app to read mangas of all genres and by all kind of authors. I really enjoy it and love how almost all features come by free since you can even save your favorite mangas and read them later without an internet connection.

Audible Free

My rating: - I don't have many audio-books but I do enjoy Audible a lot. I love how much control you have of the books you're listening to.

iBooks Free

My rating: - I love to read on my iPad using this app because it's where I've found many good books in the app store, however, I think some improvements could definitely be made. For example, they could make it easier to turn the page, have the option of scrolling down or fix other minor problems

Wattpad Free

My rating: - Wattpad isn't exactly the pond of literature, I've found very lame works written there and I still wonder why some people make it to the top most read authors. But, I have to say I've found good stories and fanfiction, and I like the freedom the site gives to write pretty much everything you want because that way you're able to find works of all kinds (though as you might imagine, this also turns out counterproductive). It's still worth it give it a go.

Any comments or suggestions you have? Leave them down below!