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12 September 2010 @ 10:26 pm
GACKT @ TIFF ~ 25 Icons  

Hey everybody! Long time since my last public entry @___@

I was in a sad mood, but after watch all the beautiful pictures of GACKT at the TIFF events I thought: "I have to make a new "Simply... GACKT" icon with this!" And, after that, I decided to make icons for everybody!

So, here you are, enjoy!


And... maybe you thought: "Where is the 25 icon?" Well, as it's a very special one, it's apart from the others:

~Special Icon~

I used all the pictures I found at ohgacktyoudidnt  and dears communities, if I was not allowed to use a pic, just tell me and I will remove the icon.

Credit me or comment is not necessary but greatly appreciated!

I hope you like them!

See you!

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Paolatsukisagi on September 20th, 2010 12:04 am (UTC)
You're welcome!! ^____^

Woow, since 2000? I have been a GACKT fan for only about a year >w<

Wow, that's amazing! I hope I can convert some people, everytime I show something about him, the first thing I hear is: "Is a man or a woman?" And then I say: "A man" And they say: "What??!!" Even my mom, when I asked to her "Do you think he is handsome?" She answered: "Yeah, but he looks so like a woman" XD Well, my friends already listened to some songs and they said is not that bad, and now they too are excited about Bunraku! =P

I wish you the best in the new University! Yep, you have to carry your GACKT button with you! ^^

Oh yes, "No reason" is amazing! My current obsession is with "Dears", I love the acustic version of the Love Letter album, I play it over and over again! *___* hehe

Sayonara matta ne!! ^__^